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Tofer & Associates has a dedicated team that takes on dog bites and animal attacks. Widely recognized for handling some of the most difficult animal attack and dog bite cases, Tofer & Associates has won millions in compensation.

The First Things to Do After Being Bitten

To make sure that you will get what is due to you:

Identify and get the names and contacts of witnesses, the dog or animal owner or caretaker when the incident happened

Take photos of the wound, of the animals, the surrounding and every possible detail that you feel will play a part in the case

Immediately see a doctor and get all documentations including receipts, diagnosis and others

Report the incident to the agency that governs animal control in your city and supply all requirements they will request

Immediately call Tofer & Associates for further and more detailed guidance


Importance of Identifying Dog Owner or Animal Caretaker


It is imperative that you identify who the owner of the dog or animal is because that will also determine your immediate move you need to make. If it is a stray dog or stray animal, you might have to immediately get an anti-rabies treatment. You will also need to be closely monitored for other symptoms.

If you identify who the owner is, it will also be easier to get a hold of the animal’s documents and medical history and determine who is should be held responsible. Accurate details will mean faster processing.

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Common Mistakes Made After a Dog Bite or Animal Attack


Doing Nothing
Many dog bite or animal attack victims don’t do anything after an attack especially if the animal involved is small. Many dismiss the incident especially if they only get minor bruises or if there is lack of visible effects. Remember that the decision to take any kind of medication or go through any kind of treatment must be left to your doctor.


Not Reporting to Animal Control
Depending on your location, animal control might be under the county or city. Most commonly, it is under SPCA. Just like any legal proceeding, SPCA can guide you on what documents you will need to submit to ensure that all your claims will be fully backed up. You also need to make sure that you or your lawyer will be the ones to draw up the report you will submit to the animal control agency because instead of simply relying on the report your doctor will submit.


Missing Animal Owner Insurance
It is not mandatory in California to get dog insurance but there are owners who get animal insurance. Missing out to get the details will cost you some of what you deserve to get. In case of the lack of animal insurance, you still need to get the insurance of the dog owner.


Get the following:

Name of insurance company

Address of his or her office

Telephone number

Claim number

Name of the person who is insured

The amount of money available to pay medical expenses (not everything, just medical expenses).If and when you do get a call from the insurance company, do not do any of the following:

Discuss money

Give any kind of documentation

Agree to be recorded

End photos

Agree to meet



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Even at the site of an accident, you can call us and we will help you over the phone or send someone to assist you.


Choosing the right law firm to represented your case boils down to a few but important factors:

  1. Track record proven by the number and quality of cases won- Tofer & Associates Tofer & Associates recovered millions on behalf of our clients.
  2. Years of pre-litigation and litigation experience- Tofer & Associates has decades of combined experience in personal injury, wrongful death and accidents.
  3. Proven quality of client service- Tofer & Associates has hundreds of clients that have remained loyal.
  4. Guaranteed results- Tofer & Associates will not charge unless we win the case.

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