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WOW all I can say is this guy is so knowledgeable. I call ed for advice on my case and he went through every possible scenario with me, and didn’t charge me a penny for his time. The part that surprised me the most is he took my call on his cell phone. I thought I would have to hold and go through secretaries to finally reach him but that was not the case. I highly recommend his law group.

Juliet S.

I am pleased to say that Alex Tofer and associates are experts at what they do! Alex is patient, caring, and motivated to get the work done. He has gone above and beyond in helping me win my case. He was available 24 hours 7 days a week as he carries his phone on him. If he couldn’t take my call he would call me back right away. A lthough is practice Is successful and busy ( no surprise) he treats all his cases with respect and diligence. His staff is also very knowledgable and friendly. I have referred anyone in need of a wonderful lawyer to Alex Tofer and associates and will continue to do so. Thank you Alex and your phenomenal team!!!!

Mahsa s.

I would highly recommend Alex Tofer to anyone who is looking for a lawyer. I was in a car accident and I used his company and I was very happy. His staff was very friendly and helpful.
The thing I liked most about my experience with this law office was I wasn’t just handled by his staff Mr. Tofer called me personally several times to ask if there was anything he could do for me, how I was feeling and he even called me with my M.R.I. results! I’ve only had to hire a lawyer once before and never did I hear directly from that lawyer. I was very happy with this team and I would highly recommend Alex Tofer if you are ever in need of a lawyer. Him and his staff are easy to get in contact with any time you have a question. If you are looking for someone who will fight for you and be on your side this is the law office for you.

Steph L.

I am highly recommending this Law Firm. I contacted them and spoke to Alex Tofer and he put me at ease and made me feel I’m in good hands. When you go through something difficult its so nice to know that there are people behind you who care. He was professional, kind, courteous, and always made himself readily accessible, which I’m sure hes always busy, but that was the level of service I received. His staff was also very courteous and professional with me. I recommend Mr. Tofer highly and want to personally thank him for all his help.

Alex T.

My Mother, Younger Brother & I were in an Auto accident leaving some of us with lifetime bodily injuries. From the very moment Alex Tofer began representing My family and I, we were treated with the utmost care and efficiency. Wether it was a meeting or us making  phone calls to his office & cell he was always truly attentive to our concerns, making it a point to answer any and EVERY one of our questions. Mind you there were 3 of us! Experiencing an accident is traumatizing enough, this firm made finding quality representation a breeze. After meeting him for the first time we were ALL able to leave with such a weight off of our shoulders. Throughout our case it was evident that everyone at Tofer & Associates constantly worked with the best interest of their clients as their top priority. My family not only received truly exceptional treatment during the settlement process, but a settlement that FAR exceeded what we had initially expected. We are SO thankful to Mr. Tofer for the truly ethical, honest and upright services provided to us. If you have been searching the way I had been for the best of the best in personal injury, look no further !

Rachel H.

Alex Tofer and his legal team have been extraordinarily helpful to me over the years. For years, Alex has been my go-to legal counsel for all personal injury needs and general auto-related incidents. On a consistent basis, Alex has provided me with the guidance I need to manage stressful situations like car accidents. Every time I call him, regardless of the time, he picks up the phone and makes himself available for legal advice. He spent hours back and forth listening to my accident stories and provided his genuine and expert opinion. He has given me tons of legal advice for free!
Alex is very experienced, knowledgeable, and genuinely cares about his clients health and outcome. See it for yourself, give Alex a call and you will totally understand.

Nima C.

Most amazing personal injury lawyer out there. I have been in a few accidents and I have never doubted him getting me the compensation i wanted and needed. He is caring and will listen to all the things you tell him. He will get you the most for you case. After going to Tofer and Associates, I can not imagine going to any other lawyer.

Eddie S.

Absolutely amazing lawyer. He was there with me EVERY step of the way and answered all my calls, texts, emails etc. his support staff is great and very informative. I had a previous lawyer who was absolutely horrible and never updated me on my case. Alex Tofer and his staff always kept me in the loop. He did not just help me on my case, he educated me on how the process works step by step. He provided me with his cell phone number to contact him over weekends and late evenings. He treated me just like he would treat his family. If you have ANY questions he will answer it. Most lawyers just take your case and throw it in the pile but not with Him. I highly recommend going to him as you will get the MOST money out of your case and the best customer service.

Marvon H.

Best law firm I have come in contact with. Alex tofer is a genius and I highly recommend  this firm for any injury related legal issues!!!! I’ll never go anywhere else.

Taryn J.

I rarely write reviews, but I am SO shocked at the poor reviews I thought I had to do something.
First of all..amazing law firm. Yes, my case did take a little while to settle but 1) it was a tricky case with another insurance company being very shady but 2)they wanted to do the best job they could AND THEY DID.
Amazing customer service. Shawn did a great job at always keeping me in the loop and making me feel very important. Always answering my emails & calls in a prompt manner. Even on the weekends.
I’m hoping to not get into another accident…however I can definitely say if I do…I am not worried at all because I know I will be well taken care of.  So thankful for this law firm!

Casaundra A.

Thank you so much to Alex Tofer for taking care of my case.
I needed someone who would represent me so I didn’t have to take on the stress and anxiety of a case and they delivered. Anytime I had a question or concern, it was addressed. Alex took the time to explain everything in detail whether on the phone or email. He has integrity and true professionalism. I strongly recommend Alex to handle any case. His dedication is like none other.

Yalda S.

Tofer & Associates is very professional and very friendly.
They handle my car accident case and helped me deal with everything. I recommend them to my friends and family. With out them I know that I wouldn’t have gotten the care I needed.

Jeri N.

Conventional wisdom suggests that an honest, ethical and caring attorney is a rarer creature than a unicorn. While this is clearly a fanciful exaggeration, the belief isn’t entirely without basis. But fortunately, unlike unicorns, exceptional attorneys do exist. Case in point: Alex Tofer and his dedicated team of legal professionals.
I contacted Alex today regarding a legal issue, and I was totally blown away by his compassion, professionalism and insight. If his complimentary consult ation is any guide, I wouldn’t be surprised if he rides a unicorn into court to vigorously and gallantly defend your rights and your honor.
Five unqualified stars.

Paul M.

Best experience ever! I was recommended to Mr. Tofer through a co-worker who had hired this law firm for her accident and was extremely satisfied. Immediately, Mr. Tofer and his team of caring and experienced staff helped my father every step of the way with his horrific accident. Alex was extremely professional, reliable and caring with every aspect of our case. His team made sure that the car was repaired properly, my dad received a good rental vehicle and that every medical care was obtained without delay and without us having to come out a penny from our pocket.
What impressed us the most was that “our team” kept us up dated each step of the way from the day we first called them to the date we received our a mazing settlement. Mr. Tofer was especially caring to our needs and made sure that both my parents as well as I had his personal cell phone number and was kind enough to answer our families calls even when we called him after hours and on weekends when he was with his family. Who does that nowadays??
Amazing customer service.
I will and already have recommended this law firm to my friends and family. Thank you again for the amazing work you and your team did on behalf of our family.

Jasmine S.

There is a certain level of trust you have to have when hiring a lawyer. Alex Toffer is one of the few people that is truly trustworthy and extremely helpful when it comes to personal injuries.
My mom had a very bad accident with many bills from the hospital and her Drs.  Initially, she wanted to deal directly with the insurance company herself. But after days of resistance and frustration, I called Alex late at night asking his help. He was readily available on his cell phone and provided us with all the necessary information to help with her case. He made a personal visit himself to get all the information that he needed for her case.
Needless to say, her case settled very well and all of her bills were taken care of. I highly recommend Alex Toffer to anyone with a personal injury for themselves, or their family and friends.

Shahab M. Coroner

This is the best law firm I have ever worked with. Alex Tofer and his team treated me like family every step of the way. It was amazing dealing with a attorney that actually called and followed up himself. Alex always went above an beyond to make sure I got the most money and best treatments for my case. If you are looking for a law firm that actually cares about you and not just your money Tofer an associates is the right choice. I would give them 10 stars is that was an option because they truly deserve the recognition. There team also consists of attorneys that cover all aspects of the legal world so this is a one stop legal shop.

Shawn J.

I got enough amazing and caring advice in my 10 minute consultation with Mr. Tofer that helped me navigate a really difficult situation with my insurance company finding me wrongfully fault that I was able to move the process along on my own. What a great group of attorneys who even take calls after hours and give you their mobile numbers.

R K.

I recently got into a car accident and Alex and his team of associates supported me 110% every step of the way. They recommended a wonderful team of doctors that really helped me with all of my injuries and pain caused by the accident. They also took care of every detail that can be so hassling to deal with and truly cared to make sure they supported and represented me to the best of their ability. Never out of reach and always available for any needs along the way…Alex and his team are the best choice for such unfortunate situations. I highly recommend this law firm!

Chanel S.

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