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Bird/Lime Scooter

Bird/Lime Scooter Accident Lawyer Irvine

Traveling was once considered to be a long and difficult task. However, with the advancement in technology, human civilization has made a lot of progress cutting short the long tedious distances into a matter of minutes and seconds. But as the technology ravels its perks and privileges so are the circumstances that come along with it. Initially, high fuel consumption was a threatening alarm depleting the major resources of Earth. To counter this problem, researchers came up with an idea of electricity-driven transports. No doubt, it was a revolutionary step. But as this idea shifted towards public use with the invention of electric scooters, some social issues came forward regarding the safety of passengers and strollers. Indeed, an electric scooter is a wonderful solution to the energy crisis and environmental hazards, however, the lack of social training and experience has rendered a high shift in increasing accidents day by day. An electric scooter is an individual vehicle with 2 or 3 wheels. This plug-in electric vehicle is based on a rechargeable battery that stores electricity on board. Coming under different shapes and types as Spin, Lime, Jump, and Bird, they are becoming more and more popular among the masses. Since they are inexpensive and environmentally friendly, the trend has been spreading, especially in major cities that include Los Angeles, South California, and Beverly Hills. However, the authorities seem quite concerned about the safety risks faced by electric scooter users. According to an estimate, more than 1500 accidents that occurred in the US last year, involved E-scooters. Common Accidents

  • Unlocked by the company’s provided app, an electric scooter can be used by anyone to reach his or her destination. Some people have purchased their own, while others can rent at very affordable charges from the rental companies. Although easy to use, but the risks for accidents become quite high when it comes to the reckless driving attitudes especially among the young lads. These accidents risk not only the driver but equally intrude on the safety of pedestrians and other vehicles. If you ever got a chance to be injured in such an accident, you must contact some experienced electric scooter accident lawyer as of our firm’s.
  • Being an open vehicle, E-scooters are highly susceptible to risks. In common accidents the scenarios may be as:
  • A pedestrian got hit by
  • Colliding onto some other vehicle or car
  • Falling off from the scooter
  • Such scenarios may lead to different kinds of injuries depending upon the severity of the accident. Common injuries in such cases include collarbone fractures, head injuries, lacerations, facial injuries, contusions, fractured arms, and strains.

Who Is Liable For an Accident?

  • It is very important to know who is to be held responsible? Commonly, the riders are blamed for accidents. They can be, for not following the traffic rules and driving carelessly. However, there are other possibilities too. The other parties may also be liable including:
  • The city authorities responsible for maintaining the roads
  • Motor vehicle drivers
  • Maintenance and repair houses of the scooters
  • Parts manufacturers
  • Even the manufacturer companies may also be liable for not fulfilling the safety protocols while launching an electric scooter. Hence, a court trial can be initiated according to the nature of each case.

Why Is It Dangerous? An electric scooter ride can be dangerous for many reasons. First of all, it is an open-air vehicle with minimum awarded protection. The physical energy stores in when it gets some hit. If the rider is not wearing a helmet, the straight fall off to the road may result in serious bruises. Several riders try to get the attention of their dangerous stunts rendering their own as well as others life at very stake of risk. According to a study, only 4.4% of riders were wearing a helmet at the accidental spot. In addition to the riders’ careless attitude the road hazards such as debris or uneven surfaces, visibility issues because of smaller sizes of scooters, sideways tracking, and panic stops may also lead to accidents. To cope up with all these hazards, the authorities have been implementing specific rules for electric scooter riders such as wearing a helmet, driving without passengers, and a valid driving license. Another legislation scrutiny emphasizes upon not letting the riders to drive on sideways or streets where public traffic can be disturbed. To be driven at night, the E-scooter must have front light and reflectors. Parking at sideways is also against the law. Following these rules may render the risk of accidents as less as possible. Even with several rules and regulations, electric scooter accidents are increasing throughout. Especially the cities like Los Angeles, South California, and Beverly Hills where it is impossible to travel without scooter either to reach your destination on time or to meet some homely need. An electric scooter accident can turn out to be having expensive consequences both in terms of health and money. Medical bills can deplete a lot of your money when you do not know how to claim for compensation. If you have any questions, or would like a FREE case consultation, do not hesitate to contact us by email: Or by telephone: 800-291-9000

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