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Thea Mispenas - Director for Finances and Administration, Tofer & Associates


Director for finances & Administration

As a highly educated professional with a Bachelor’s in Management Accounting and two master’s degrees, Thea manages all the administrative and financial operations at Tofer & Associates.


Thea Mispenas is a distinguished professional who attained her Bachelor of Science degree in Management Accounting from the esteemed University of St. La Salle. Her academic journey reflects her profound interest in business operations efficiency, international trade dynamics, policies, and the political intricacies that shape the business landscape.

Motivated by her passion for business, she pursued further education and proudly obtained not one, but two master’s degrees: a Master of Science in International Business and a Master of Business Administration.

In her current role at Tofer & Associates, Thea plays a pivotal part in overseeing and managing the financial functions of the organization, contributing her expertise to its financial success.

Outside of her professional life, Thea enjoys indulging her intellectual curiosity. She frequently visits museums to explore art and history, immerses herself in thought-provoking documentaries, embarks on journeys around the world, finds solace in the rhythms of music, and gets lost in the pages of enlightening books.

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