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Author: Alexis Paton

Legalized Marijuana and Car Accident Rates for California

A joyous day for many was the legalization of marijuana in California earlier this year (2017). However, as other states have noticed an increase in fatal car accidents after legalization, it’s become a forefront thought on whether this same trend will align with California. Approving Prop 64 made California the most populated state to do so. 21+ year olds are allowed to purchase and use marijuana for recreational purposes under this proposition. Another common question that rose from the passing of this law, was how it would affect the rules of the road. As of right now, drivers are being held...

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5 Steps in Choosing the Right Law Firm for You

Dealing with a legal case is stressful and sometimes not worth the trouble it includes. Finding a law firm that handles your case and trusting that they will alleviate that distress can also be a tedious process. There are thousands of law firms to choose from in every city, so how do you make the decision of choosing which one will best fit your needs? After reading these 5 steps, you will have a better understanding of how to pick a firm that will carry out your case and reach the greatest possible outcome.